V4 Issue 6


Paper ID : IJJUNF18J01

Title : A proposed study on the use of 3D Technology as a visual tool to enhance course delivery and comprehension

Page No : 01 To 14

Author : Robert A Elliott, Nabie Y. Conteh, Patricia Robertson

Address : Southern University at New Orleans, USA.

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Paper ID : IJJUNF18J02

Title : The Possible Protective Effect of Vitamin D and E against Development of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Male Rats

Page No : 15 To 41

Author : Isaad A. Helal, Aziza KH. Omar, Amira M. Negm

Address : Al Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt.

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Paper ID : IJJUNF18J03

Title : Inhibition of Electropolishing of steel in the presence of different Carboxylic acids.

Page No : 42 To 60

Author : Abdel moneum M Ahmed, Mohammed A Elmorsi, Mona A. Darweesh, F. M. Mahgoub, Amany MMahmoud

Address : Alexandria University, Egypt.

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