V2 Issue 10

Paper ID : IJ10J16N12

Title : The problematic issues of identity formation, race relations and complexities of colonial discourse in hybrid contexts: A comparative study between the complex relationship between the colonizer and the colonized in a novel A Passage to India by E.M Forster

Page No : 01 To 13

Author : Farhana Haque

Country : Dhaka, Bangladesh

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Paper ID : IJ10J16N16

Title : Importance of Android in M-Commerce

Page No : 14 To 21

Author : Vibhuti P.

Country : Kairana, India

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Paper ID : IJ10J16N17

Title : Enhanced Mining Algorithm: Mining the Data from Distributed Database

Page No : 22 To 25

Author : Mohammed Shuaib

Country : Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Paper ID : IJ10J16N18

Title : प्राचीन समाज में नारी का स्थान

Page No : 26 To 36

Author : प्रियंका गुप्ता, डॉ. जे. सी.नारायणन

Country : सनराईज विश्वविद्यालय अलवर (राज.)

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