V2 Issue 4

Paper ID : IJ04D16A2

Title : Wireless Power Transmission by H Oscillator Circuits.

Page No : 1 To 4

Author : Dr. Dushyant Singh, Himanshu Garg, Vipul chaturvedi, Kuldeep Kumar, Chandraveer Bhagor

Country : R.B.S. Engineering Technical Campus, Bichpuri, Agra, Uttar Pradesh (India)

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Paper ID : IJ04D16A3

Title : Ear Recognition -an Innovative Approach to Biometrics.

Page No : 5 To 10

Author : M. Ishwarya Niranjana, A. Shanmugapriya, M. Vignesh

Country : Pollachi Institute of Engineering and Technology, Poosaripatti,Tamil Nadu, India

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Paper ID : IJ04D16A4

Title : Medical Information-Sharing and Production Publicly.

Page No : 11 To 17

Author : B. S. Meena, P. Gakkhar

Country : GU Assam, India

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Paper ID : IJ04D16A5

Title : Cloud Service models: Characteristic, Issues and Solutions.

Page No : 18 To 23

Author : Manjunath K., Shruti B. Hiregoudar

Country : Basaveshwar Engineering college Bagalkot, Karnataka,India

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Paper ID : IJ04D16A9

Title : A Survey of Congestion Control in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

Page No : 24 To 31

Author : K. K. Sharma

Country : Department of Computer Science, CCS University Meerut,India

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Paper ID : IJ04D16A10

Title : Investigation and Design of Enhanced HTTP Proxy Cashing Server.

Page No : 32 To 39

Author : Asha K.

Country : Mewar College, Ghaziabad,India

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